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Marketing Campaign

Want to drive a marketing campaign for a new product? Look no further, machine learning can help identify the best customers to market to, ensuring the highest conversion to sale. Spend your marketing dollars wisely.

Conversion & Churn

Get ahead of the competition by generating more conversions of sales, and determining whether a customer will churn in the future. Spend your time on the customers that will result in a sale.

Credit Risk Modeling

Credit scores are good at assessing management of money, but not always good at determining default. Use machine learning to predict an applicant's risk of default, and model which customers to accept based on your risk tolerance and required acceptance rate.

Premium Pricing

Are you pricing correctly based on the risk you are taking? Chances are there is a vast room for improvement and we can help you do this by applying predictive algorithms that determine what you should charge based on risk. Avoid adverse selection and pass that risk to your competitors.

Demand Forecasting

Keep up with demand by predicting how much of what you will need and when you will need it. Machine learning is the perfect tool to use on an ongoing basis to help you do just this.

Fraud Detection

Trying to manually find pockets of fraud can frustrate your customers and waste the time of your employees. Use cutting edge techniques to predict the accounts with the highest probability of fraud.

Call Center Forecasting

Optimize how many employees you need to attend to calls by predicting the velocity of incoming calls. This means you can staff your business better, saving money, and lowering call wait times.

Discount Targeting

Want to boost sales by offering discounts to the right customers? Apply machine learning to predict what effect a discount will have on a customer, and the likelihood of converting to a sale.

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